Aromatherapy for Wellbeing and Harmony.

Soul Sisters is a creation between two sisters who are passionate about bringing quality pure essential oil products to those who connect with (or would like to connect with) the earth.

Purely to restore wellbeing and harmony.

By using only the purest ingredients in our pure essential oil products you can step back to connect with your surroundings.

Pure essential oils are plant derived and the aromas from these pure essential oils are blended through our products so that you can reconnect with the earth. The aromatic blends are designed to remind you of the natural elements that make up the world you live in helping to bring a balance and harmony to your day therefore enhancing a sense of wellbeing.

Pure essential oils in aromatherapy has traditionally been used for curative purposes however Soul Sisters believe that essential oils should be used for their pure aromatic enjoyment and harmonising properties as well.

Based in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, Australia, Soul Sisters has been selling their beautiful range of aroma body products for 5 years. Now Soul sisters is online and bringing their pure essential oil range to the online world.

Carmel has been an Aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner for over ten years. Francesca and Carmel both have over thirty years of experience in the health industry and believe that producing products in an animal friendly and compassionate way is a way to a sustainable future.

Using only pure essential oils, Soul Sisters' range is made with compassion and has been accredited with 'choose cruelty free'

Carmel blends the products and says that she is in heaven when developing the aromas.


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